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November 4, 2008

Brazil Preparation

As a food safety educator, I'm afraid to go on this trip! No, not really but I did have the supervisor of the Minnesota Department of Health Foodborne Surveillance Division tell me "peel it, boil it or don't eat it."
I’m going on this trip because food does start on farm and in the field. I’m excited to connect with the agriculture production educators to learn more about production and the process it takes to get from the ‘field to the table’.
I’m excited to learn more about our global food supply and the importing and exporting process. In my preparation for this trip, I’ve learned that Brazil’s food ‘claim to fame’ food products are coffee, soybeans, sugar cane, tropical fruits, cocoa, rice, oranges, cotton, wheat, seafood and livestock . As per my co-worker, Claudia Cody, a native Brazilian, I’m excited to try homemade Carmel called ‘Romeo and Juliet’, flan and fish cakes.

November 3, 2008

Meet the Travelers

There are 20 Extension staff members and 2 guests from the agriculture industry on the tour.

Tim Arlt
Extension Program Leader
Southern Minnesota

Ray Bisek
Extension Educator, Ag Production
Mahnomen, Norman & Polk Counties

Gene Brand

Neil Broadwater
Extension Educator, Dairy
Rochester Regional Office

Brad Carlson
Extension Educator, Ag Production
Rice & Steele Counties

Jeff Coulter
Extension Agronomist
St. Paul Campus

Bill Craig
Extension Educator, Ag Business Management
Crookston Regional Office

Tim Dolan
Extension Educator, Ag Production
Sibley County

Suzanne Driessen
Extension Educator, Food Science
St. Cloud Regional Office

Christopher Kieser

Laura Kieser
Extension Educator, Ag Production
Carver & Scott Counties

Bill Lazarus
Extension Economist, Farm Management
St. Paul Campus

Ian MacRae
Extension Entomologist
Northwest Research and Outreach Center, Crookston

Dan Martens
Extension Educator, Ag Production
Benton, Stearns & Morrison Counties

Ryan Miller
Extension Educator, Crops
Rochester Regional Office

Dave Nicolai
Extension Educator, Crops
Hutchinson Regional Office

Randy Pepin
Extension Educator, Ag Production
Todd County

Wayne Schoper
Extension Educator, Ag Production
Brown & Nicollet Counties

Jerry Tesmer
Extension Educator, Ag Production
Fillmore & Houston Counties

Betsy Wieland
Extension Educator, Ag Production
Hennepin County

Nathan Winter
Extension Educator, Ag Production
McLeod & Meeker Counties

Gary Wyatt
Extension Educator, Natural Resource Mgmt
Mankato Regional Office

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