Welcome to Extension Quick Bytes, online technology enrichment for Extension employees! 

The main barrier to learning new technologies is having the TIME. Quick Bytes is going to make it easy to include keeping up with technology as part of your weekly routine. With only about 30 minutes a week, you can learn about a current digital tool. You can even have the units sent right to your email!

"Quick Bytes" are bite-sized introductions to a wide variety of today's technology.  A new Quick Byte unit will be posted each Thursday. You will finish each quick and fun unit having seen each technology with your own eyes, learned some potential uses for it, and knowing where to get more information. Often there will be an activity to allow for hands-on exploration. Comments and discussion are strongly encouraged!

Quick Bytes is an enrichment resource open to all Extension employees, coordinated by Extension IT. All units are a la carte and participation will not be formally tracked. There will be fun giveaways along the way for participation, in case you need a little material motivation (don't we all)!

Our goal with this course is to make technology learning part of the culture of Extension, and to create a community of professional peers to serve as resources, inspiration, and feedback.

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