Quick Bytes is an enrichment course coordinated by University of Minnesota Extension Information Technology. Although units may come from many authors, the curriculum is primarily contributed and organized by:

EXT_PHOTO_AMY_sm.jpgAmy Baker, Chief Technology Officer

I've worked in Extension for 12 years and am a tech fanatic. I love to talk about it, write about it, learn about it... and of course, to use it! I started out at University of Minnesota Extension in the Nutrient Management program, and I try to have everything I do support the "real work" of Extension in some way. I also like pancakes.

EXT_PHOTO_KLM_sm.jpg Karen Matthes, Organizational Training Director

I work with Extension's IT team, providing tech training and support to Extension employees. Recently I've been focused on web\video conferencing, presentation technologies and all things Google. Besides having great coworkers, what I like the most about my job is when I'm able to show someone that one thing that makes their work easier. 

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