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Analysis Of Attribution In "The Community Grieves Loss of Superintendent" Article

WCCO News used informal sources to attribute their story on "Community Mourns SuperIntendent Killed In Crash."
The reporter gathered information their information directly from those who interacted regularly with John Franzoia. These included educators, student, and other school professionals who knew Franzoia. These sources are named and include Rhonda Krutchen who is a Royalton High School alum. and Phil Gurbada who is the Royalton Elementary School
principal. The sources are pretty evenly spread out through the story. They gave the reader great insight into what type of man Franzoia was. Also, the reporter has obviously done their homework to verify the records that these two formal sources can be identified. One is a former student and the other is an elementary school principal. The reporter is effective in setting up the attribution of the story by interweaving the personal commentaries of those who know Franzoia well.

Similarly, KSTP-TV News used the same informal sources. Their reporter also did an effective job grasping a smidget of the profile of what Franzoia was like through the commentaries of educators and students. However, KSTP-TV News added another keen source. They spoke with the State Patrol and authorities who had confirmed the events of Franzoia's vehicle crash Friday evening.

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