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Press Conference by the United Nations on the Quest to end Violence against Women

According to myjoyonlinenews.com, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday carried a strong message for greater international intervention and for the United Nations to step up and put an end to the violence against women.


When one compares the news report to the press release, one immediately notices some key differences. First, in the press release on International Women's Day, the public relations person focused more on why this campaign to end violence against women is so crucial.


The main goal of this representative is to spark the interests of the news organizations to the point where they will want to take the time to cover this specific event. Secondly, the way the press release is written more in the form of a narrative. It tells the story of what can happen if society does not step up and take a stand to put an end to domestic violence and abuse. Then it appeals to the emotional side of the reader by giving some alarming statistics.

Contrarily, in the news report, the reporter fairly takes the main ideas in the press release, however there are some slight differences to the news angle. First, the reporter crafts the story in such a way that it urges readers to take action about domestic violence right away. In other words, come up with different methods of resolving this problem
and then implement the changes immediately.

The reporter chooses to use a very powerful quotation from the Secretary-General in the lead paragraph which gives the reader a pretty good sense of what the United Nations want men and women around the world to do to fight against domestic violence.

The reporter then follows with the nut graph paragraph that gives a few, brief details about the event.

Thereafter, the reporter injects a lot of other strong quotations, which substantiate the first two paragraphs.

Which brings the reader to the second difference. In a news report, there is more emphasis placed on the actioon and what actually is happening. The reporter has an angle based on what newsworthy for that particular station. Their job is to make the story appealing to readers. Whereas in a press release, the public relations person provides more background information to compel news organizations to report on their event as a top priority.

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