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12 Arrested in Dinkytown Riot

According to Fox 9 News, twelve people were arrested and jailed after Minneapolis broke up a riot in Dinkytown Saturday.


The students arrested were Jeffrey Fredrickson, Jonathan Rokser, Joseph Moy, Jacob Kerwin, and Peter Robins.

Duran Cooley, Jacob Kersting, Gerald Nussmeier, Nicholas Owens, Adan Russell, and Kyle Martin were also arrested in the riots. They were not University of Minnesota students.

It started at 14th and 7th Streets around 8 p..m., where students were celebrating the annual Spring Jam block party.

Nearly 60 officers had to suit themselves up with helmets and gas masks and they fought off an estimated 500 partying students who were throwing beer bottles, rocks and other debris at them. Students were also starting fires in the middle of the street.

WCCO News reported that twelve people gave been arrested and a Dinkytown neighborhood is recovering after a riot.


Hundreds of people crowded the streets around the 1400 block of 7th Street near the University of Minnesota campus Saturday night.

"It felt like downtown Baghdad out there. This felt like a warzone," he recalled.

The crowd swelled and became destructive after a Spring Jam concert was canceled. Some set fires and tried to tip over cars.

Officers in riot gear pushed back the crowd with tear gas and foam bullets. The confrontation lasted about five hours.

"My entire house was flooded with tear gas," said Dan Schindler.

Minneapolis police said of the 12 people arrested, some may have been cited and released already. Five are current U of M students, two are recent students, one is a future student and four are non-students.

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