No Ho Ho: New York YMCA sends Santa packing

By Jared Anderson

A YMCA in New York decided to remove Santa Claus from its annual holiday luncheon, replacing St. Nicholas with Frosty the Snowman.
The decision, which a YMCA spokesman called a 'transition' rather than a 'replacement' comes as a part of the YMCA's effort to 'rebrand' itself, YMCA officials told the New York Post.
The Post used unusually colorful language to cover the response to the decision: The spokesman for the Catholic League "fumed" rather than "said" his response in the Post's article.
In the same way,'s coverage called the spokesman "livid," and referenced the Post article where the quote first ran. It's reasonable to assume the writer from may have taken cues from the Post article, which the article was clearly based on.
It's indicative of the journalistic 'pack' mentality that the two articles have such similarities. On top of the Catholic League's quote, both articles treat the issue in a similar way, using Christmas cliches and color to draw a bit of humor from the story.
What is interesting about this story is that typically, politically-correct Christmas celebrators tend to use Santa Claus to replace the Christian nativity scene in an attempt to be non-offensive to people of other faiths. This YMCA's decision takes the idea a huge step further, by replacing Santa Claus with "a secular cartoon character," as puts it.
It's a fascinating trend in Christmas celebration that Santa Claus has become known as 'not secular enough.'