Rival 'Wikileaks' site to launch Monday

By Jared Anderson

As Wikileaks.com founder Julian Assange awaits trial in a British jail, several of his former co-workers on the document-publishing website are planning to launch a rival site called Openleaks.com on Monday.
Openleaks founder Daniel Domscheit-Berg said that Wikileaks had become "too much focused on one person," CNN.com reported.
Domscheit-Berg cited philosophical differences for his and the others split from Wikileaks, saying that Wikileaks's obsession with secrecy had become hypocritical. "If you preach transparency to everyone else, you have to be transparent yourself," he told CNN.
Openleaks will work in a similar way to Wikileaks, but with one major change: Openleaks won't publish leaked documents on its own. It will only recieve leaked documents from sources, and then pass them on to other news organizations. The hope is that this will alleviate some of the antagonism that Wikileaks has faced, reports the Los Angeles Times.
Openleaks would then act as a sort of intermediary between anonymous sources and news organizations, protecting the sources from exposure and the news organizations from being forced to reveal sources, because the news organizations don't know the specific source, only Openleaks does.
The site launches Monday, and as of now, no one knows whether it will be successful or a failure, loved or hated. But if the previous episodes of the Wikileaks saga are any indication, it will certainly be something to watch.