St Paul superintendent finishes first year

By Jared Anderson

St. Paul Public Schools superintendent Valeria Silva, who has just finished her first year heading up the school district, has been in the news lately after calling two snow days in a row last week.
The St. Paul Pioneer Press frames a pseudo-profile of Silva as a follow-up to the news story about the snow days. She was criticized publicly by the mayor for the decision.
The Pioneer Press article highlights some of the actions Silva has taken and some of the problems she's faced. One major problem has been a gap between test scores from white students and minority students.
The Star Tribune chooses to make its article more of a stand-alone profile in Q and A form.
It covers much of the same ground, Silva's most proud achievements and the problems the school district still faces, in a shorter article that doesn't go in depth into any one issue.
The issue of race and test scores is not mentioned in the Tribune article. This might have to do with the fact that it is a Q and A, so if Silva doesn't mention the issue directly, there is no way for the journalist to put background on the situation in.