Sterger won't sue Favre for harrassment if he is suspended

By Jared Anderson

Former New York Jets employee Jenn Sterger won't pursue a lawsuit if the NFL suspends Brett Favre over Sterger's claims that he sexually harrassed her in 2008, Sterger's lawyer said.
Phil Reese, Sterger's lawyer, appeared on the Dan Patrick show, expressing his and Sterger's belief that a convincing case was made to the NFL that showed Favre's behavior being inappropriate, the Huffington Post reported.
Farve has been accused of sending sexual voicemail and text messages to Sterger when both were with the Jets in 2008. Back in October, posted some of the picture messages sent to Sterger showing male genitalia that Sterger claims to be from Favre.
Most news organizations did not print the photos because of their graphic and pornographic nature, and because the messages were private and not given to the news media. Deadspin claims the pictures and voicemails came from a third party, not Sterger herself.
Now, Sterger has reportedly threatened to release more damaging information about Favre if the NFL Quarterback is not suspended, if a report from is to be believed.
If Sterger were to release more inappropriate photos, voicemails, or other information, sports news organizations would face another ethical dilemma on how much, if any, of it they should print. Since was one of the few sites to print the original pictures, Sterger's information handout might not have as many takers as she would hope. Perhaps Sterger needs a big-name publishing group to help her out - Wikileaks, anyone?