University golf coach to sue after resigning

By Jared Anderson

Former University of Minnesota golf coach Katie Brenny is beginning the process of suing the University, claiming she was discriminated against based on her sexual orientation.
Brenny, who served as associate coach for the women's golf team for around two months this fall, said that her job description changed when officials in the golf program found out that she was a lesbian, the Star Tribune reports.
Brenny didn't travel with the team to any competitions and wasn't allowed to speak to players about golf, the Minnesota Daily reports.
The Daily covered the story several weeks ago, noting that Brenny was replaced by a relative of the director of golf. While the Daily printed both the director's name and the name of his relative in both stories, the Star Tribune chose not to include either name or the exact position title for the director.
The decision may have to do with the fact that the story suggests that the golf director treated Brenny poorly because she was gay, although the discrimination charges haven't even been made official by Brenny's lawyer yet, much less proven in court. Having the director's name tied to the 'homophobia' label (which is already an unbelievably inaccurate and overused term) could cause undue harm to him and his career, especially if the charges are never proven.