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This last Monday at 4am there was an earthquake registered at 5.9 on the Richter Scale 20 km away. I woke up to my bed (with me in it) rumbling across the room. It was one of the scarier things I have experienced for sure. Apparently, however, people who live high up in tall apartment buildings feel the sway of the buildings. This swaying can last up to 5 mins, I have heard, whereas for myself who lives on the second floor of a house feels it for at the most 20 seconds.

This is considered a "tremor" in Chile, where there is not going to be much damage at all. Tremors are considered no big deal to most Chileans. Most buildings are prepared to handle anything up to a 7, and after that the tremor becomes an earthquake. Earth movements are common here in Chile as Chile is the edge of a tectonic plate being pushed up by another (subduction zone).

I had never felt the earth move prior to this trip and although earthquakes are generally dangerous, I can now check that off the bucket list.

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