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I suppose that it would be prudent of me to discuss in the blog my development of Spanish throughout the last 4 months. In my eyes, the main goal of this experience was to learn Spanish and hopefully become fluent. I suppose in all of your eyes, it has seemed like an experience to observe differences in culture. Either way, they are both valuable parameters of knowledge of which I can say from this trip I have benefited.

My Spanish skills have undertaken quite the rollercoaster ride of a journey while being here in Chile. There are days where I feel incredibly confident and almost fluent, and then there are the intermittent days that I feel like I need to be working so much harder. This is the only way to describe the experience, a rollercoaster ride. It is so up and down all the time. Yet this ride seems to be moving in a positive direction.

I would say that I am getting closer to being fluent, but just lack time. I can get across basically whatever I would like to say, even though I may have change the way I say it to accommodate the amount of verbs and vocabulary I know. What lacks is the vocabulary, the new words that I haven't yet come across or taken the time to study. This can only come with more time and more exposure to the language. I'd say that if I were given another year, I could sufficiently call myself fluent, but as I do lack a significant portion of the vocabulary, I don't think that I can say that I am.

At this point in time, with less than 4 weeks left in my adventure, I am starting to get scared that the knowledge I have acquired up until the point that I leave will be all I will learn in my life (my Spanish minor will be complete when I return). At the same time, I know that there exist options for me to continue, such as Spanish Club at UMD, or working/volunteering with Spanish-speakers, etc.

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