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I was reminded by a reader of mine, my Chilean university adviser, professor, and a good friend, that what I am putting across in these blogs is told from my point-of-view. I agree with him and feel it should be mentioned. I am just an observer. I am a foreign observer that tries to make sense of objectivities with a subjective lens. This is definitely a oxymoronic challenge. I feel it cannot be accomplished, thus it is important for me to "warn" all readers of my natural bias.

I am choosing to blog about Chilean culture and history, the Spanish Language, etc. in terms that Honors Program students (the main audience) might find interesting in place of just describing what I did every day which is what many of my fellow students are doing. I find blogs like that to be boring and uninteresting to the audience so I chose the more informational route. That being said, I must make some subjective comments in order to iterate the information I would like to get across.

I encourage you all that if you are interested in any of the subject-matter presented, research it on your own or do not hesitate to email me with questions or comments:

Thank you for tuning into the blog and I look forward to presenting this information to you all come February.

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