Vanity of Chileans

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Myself and many other foreign students have observed and discussed the vanity of Chileans while being down here. Chileans can be very vain at times. They care a lot about material things as well as how they and others look. Presentation is crucial to a Chilean.

For example, all of the Chilean students who go to my university are always looking as hip as possible. For instance, no girl wears anything but skinny jeans (I really have yet to see anything different). The color doesn't matter, but as long as it is in-style jeans. The girls always look impeccable. We walk past these groups of Chileans and much of the commentary is concerning a new piece of clothing or how that person looks, etc. Another example of this quality is my host-family. They will be the last ones to admit it, but they are all quite vain. Appearances matter. They will be the first one to say if you look skinnier or fatter (yes, they do tell you when you look bigger). When we (my roommate and I) give the family a gift, they seem to treat us better (not that it is bad at all to begin with). The family members do not leave their rooms unless they are all clothed impeccably. I have not once seen any one of them wearing pajamas or something of the like. Another example is when they are watching TV, they will critique the people on TV based on their looks. This may seem similar to that of the U.S., but it happens quite a bit here and everytime the TV is turned on. "Oh how good-looking that woman!" "That man is so old and ugly", etc. I cannot nor should I generalize this to every Chilean, but most of them we have encountered seem to have a quality like this.

More than in the U.S., Chileans value their looks and material things a lot. They're great people still, just very caught up appearances.

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