The Pacific Ocean to los Viñamarinos

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The Pacific Ocean to the Viñamarinos (the citizens of Viña del Mar, Chile) have an interesting relationship worth noting to those of us who live in the cold Northland of MN. Similar to that of Lake Superior, most people who live in the vicinity of the ocean do not take notice to it very much. I know what you all are thinking, "How can one live next to the ocean and not love it?" It's similar to that of Lake Superior to us. I drove past Lake Superior often in my time in Duluth and there would be times where I forgot about it. Then we think to ourselves that it will be so cool to live next to a beach. To the Viñamarinos, they barely notice the beach and barely go there in there free time. In some ways, from this observation, I have come to appreciate the fact that I don't live by the ocean so that when I do go there, I can appreciate it more than the actual people who see it everyday.

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