Reported robbery leads police to finding 5 bodies in Ala. home

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By Alyssa Anderson

Police officers discovered 5 bodies in an Ala. home while responding to a reported robbery in progress early Sunday morning.

The victims identities and the causes of death have no been released, but a homicide investigation has been launched by the Birmingham police, according to CNN.

Brenda Houston, a resident of the neighborhood for years, and neighbor to the home where the bodies were found, told the Associated Press that she never had a problem with her neighbors across the street.

"They would speak to us, and that's all we knew," she said. "We didn't know their names but they were always friendly."

The house had reportedly been rented to a woman in her late 40s and her son and brothers for about a year and half, according to the Washington Post.

"We don't think it's random at this point," Sgt, Johhny Williams said to CNN, citing evidence collected at the scene.

So far no arrests have been made.

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Alyssa: Keep up the good work. Make sure you write these entries in AP style. I see 5 where there should be five. And Ala. where you should spell out the state. These are common mistakes that practice will reduce. Good job with the blog.

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