Argentina in mourning after train crash kills 50

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President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, of Argentina, declared a two-day mourning period after a deadly train crash on Wednesday in Buenos Aires.

Fifty people died, and hundreds were injured when a commuter train plowed through a barrier at a Buenos Aires station Wednesday morning, CNN reported.

The accident occurred during the height of the morning rush, and passengers told reporters that the crash sounded like a bomb blast.

Leandro Despouy, Argentina's Auditor General, told the Associated Press that the crash was preventable, and that the trains have failed safety tests for years.

The trains are more than four decades old. Modern trains are built to stand hard stops without accordion-like crumpling, according to rail experts.

The commuter train hit a shock-absorbing barrier around 12 mph, and the second car of the train plunged about six meters into the first, Federal Police spokesman Fernando Sostre told CNN.

The accident is still under investigation, but everyone aboard the train has been identified, according to the Associated Press.

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