Massive fire rips through Honduras prison

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Hundreds of people died Tuesday night after a fire broke out in a Honduran prison.

At least 359 people have been confirmed dead, following the fire that swept though a jail in Comayagua, Honduras on Tuesday, Danelia Ferrera, a senior official at the attorney general's office, told Reuters.

The fire began around 11 p.m., which is when Comayagua's governor, Paola Castro, reportedly received a call from an inmate, screaming, saying that he was going to set the prison on fire, according to the Associated Press.

According to the Washington Post, there were 852 people in the prison at the time of the blaze, with some cells holding as many as 135 people.

Many people didn't make it out of their cells, as is the case with the 134 cellmates of survivor, Hector Daniel Martinez.

After realizing there was a fire, the guards dropped their keys on the floor and fled, leaving the hundreds of prisoners locked in their cells, waiting for the inferno to catch them, Martinez told the Associated Press.

Lucy Marder, Chief of Forensic Medicine for the prosecutor's office said she believes it will be up to three months before all the bodies are identified, because some are burned beyond recognition. The death toll is only expected to rise.

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