Structures Analysis

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The news story I looked at for my structures analysis was from the Associated Press.

3 in SE Minn. injured when chairlift falls 30 feet

This story starts with a lead, which describes what happened, who it happened to, and where it happened.

The next paragraph goes into more detail about the location of the accident and when it occurred.

The third paragraph of the piece talks about the victims of the accident and their conditions following their 30 foot fall in a chairlift.

The rest of the article talks about the police report and the investigation of why their chairlift broke.

The important elements to this story are definitely near the top, which helps enforce the inverted pyramid story-structure. I believe it is very effective in this situation because the article is short, and it's breaking news.

I don't believe this story could have been done differently, because there aren't that many details included in the article. Had the reporter talked about the victims or the resort more, than the story-structure could definitely be more of a martini glass structure.

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Alyssa: You are doing a very nice job on the blogs. Keep up the good work. GG

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