Unruly crowd forces Md. mall to close

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A crowd of more than 100 people at a mall in Hagertown, Md. became unruly causing the Valley Mall to close temporarily.

About 15 police officers reported to Foot Locker after a disturbance was reported in the line of people waiting to purchase Nike's new Foamposite sneaker, as reported by the Herald-Mail.

The disturbance was reportedly caused when people started cutting in line, when people had already been waiting overnight, according to a sheriff's office news release

"Sheriff Douglas Mullendore told The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown the release of the new shoe drew shoppers from as far away as Washington, over 70 miles away. Mullendore said after the mall was locked down, patrons were escorted into the shoe store a few at a time," reported ABC News.

No one was arrested and the mall reopened without incident.

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