Strong earthquake rocks Mexico

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A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit southern Mexico on Tuesday, with vibrations felt as far as 200 miles away from the epicenter.

The earthquake injured at least 11 people, and damaged hundreds of houses, with the epicenter near the town of Ometepec, Guerrero, CNN reported.

A Guerrero official confirmed with the Washington Post that over 800 homes were damaged, about 60 of which collapsed.

Tuesday's quake was strong, but not as strong as the 8.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico City in 1985. That earthquake is known as the deadliest in Mexico's history, as it killed over 10,000 people, CNN said.

Seismologists and civil protection officials told the Washington Post that there didn't appear to be extreme damage due to where and how the earthquake hit.

According to CNN, authorities were surveying buildings, schools, and hospitals on Wednesday, determining the extent of the damage.

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