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Videogame Interactivity

I played two games for this assignment, one which I thought was a good example of Interactivity and one which I felt kinda sucked. The good game was on the computer; it is the Hoyle Card Games, from the Hoyle games series. This game, upon opening, immediately enters a full-screen mode on the computer. There are several options for game, player, and sound settings, all of which is navigated with a mouse. The game can be set on different levels of competition based on skill, and there are several different games one can play. The character can be chosen from a set of pre-created characters, OR the player can create their own character (visually) using a feature called "Facemaker". This allows a player to select everything about their character from body types to face shapes, hair styles to eye colors, as well as any fashion accessories. During gameplay, which is mouse-activated, a menu is present at all times on the bottom of the screen which allows users to control the sound and play settings, as well as options which allow users to go to different games from pop-up menus. Overall it's very easy to navigate and control. The only part that I feel could be changed is the character selection; once a player is "created" in Facemaker, it is somewhat troublesome to get back to the character create/edit screen.

The example of the game that I thought could use some work is the Howard Lederer "World Championship Poker" game for the Playstation II. Upon opening, the main menu is simply that...a menu with about 4 options on it for game type, skill level, gameplay settings, ect. Once a game is selected, it merely shows all the players in the game on the left side of the screen. the player who's turn it is to act is shown from a front or side view. When placing a bet, the only option is a single menu with a left/right scroller showing the amount to be bet. No "chips" are ever actually used, which in my opinion makes for some rather boooooooring gameplay! I guess I was disappointed with the overall look and feel of the game...it's not very interactive, it isn't visually stimulating, it isn't even very fun to play because of the lack of interactivity. It's hard to explain but I know I'm not that fond of it!

In other notes, I'm disappointed in the student design competition...school just started, i just started to get into the swing of things, and the deadline for the student design competition is already past!! what gives, where's the fire??