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Week 1

Blog Title: Lars A's blog



1.) What is Interactive Design?
-Interactive design is any form of design that requires the user to manipulate the design in order for it to fully function; that is, it requires the user to navigate the design using whatever means necessary...a mouse, stylus, touch screen, ect. "Interactive" means there are two things that are interacting with each this case, it means a person interacting with the design of something else.

2.) What do you want to learn in the course?
-It would be helpful to learn more about what the design of something (a website, for example) can do for the viewer's experience. Up to this point we (okay, I) have been creating websites that are content-based and do not focus as much on the aesthetic values. Also, i would like to learn about some practical applications of Interactive Design, aside from the Web.

3.) What applications / programming languages do you know or want to learn?
-I would like to gain some good knowledge of Flash 8, for one. Also html/CSS languages seem to be a skill that many employers look for. I did some very basic html stuff way back in my freshman year, so a refresher/expander lesson or two would be very helpful! No exposure to CSS or anything else though, this would probably be helpful! I have designed a couple websites already, nothing I'm too happy with though.