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So I "messed around" with the Kiosks at Target, the club wed and baby whatchamacallit one, and decided they're both somewhat lame. I do realize however, that they are designed strictly for one purpose so that is probably the reason for lack of dynamism in the design. I liked the fact that both of them are touch screen, and thought it was somewhat pointless for them to even have the "track ball" (who even uses them anyway??) and mouse features. I've always hated trackball mouses...mice...whatever....and think that feature isnt really needed since everything is touch screen anyway! The keyboard also sucks, the letters are tiny and spaced out way too far, forcing you to use the widely rebuked "hunt-and-peck" method to type...slow and clumsy!!
The club wed kiosk is set up well in the design though. It's easy to search for a wedding because you search by bride or groom, not the date. all you need is the 1st 2 letters of bride/groom's name and the state where the wedding will take place and it will bring up all possible matches. pretty easy to figure out if you ask me! the data entry fields when creating your own registry are also touch-activated so you don't need to F around with the trackball. Overall, it's very limited (for obvious reasons) as to what you can do with it, but it seems to be fairly easy to navigate once you get into it!