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Second Life!

So this is interesting, this whole "Second Life" thing!! There are so many possibilities, both good and bad! It seems to be nearly as complex as living a real life, in a certain sense. For example, on the Second Life website it says that over 1 million US dollars have been spent online in the last 24 hours! Are you kidding me?! Absolutely amazing! Anyway, one can buy/sell land online in this virtual world. Does that mean you could be an "online realtor" and make money that way? Enough to live on in the real world? How about other "online" jobs, like an online architect? Store owner? It seems to me that this could potentially be a springboard for aspiring realtors. Maybe it is feasible that real estate prodigies could be put to the test so to speak in an online world. I think the idea of having class inteh online world is awesome...i'm not sure how it would work out but it think it's awesome. As far as the web going 3-D...very real possibility, and obviously with the intro of Second Life we can see that the web IS going 3D...very intriguing!!! The potential use for good things in this virutal environment is terribly interesting...almost enough to make a guy put $15 bucks into an account and see what he can do with it...almost!
Now the bad things on the other hand, wellll...! Let's say a 12 year old kid makes an online profile. Of course he's going to make it as much like himself as he can, right? SO...now some random 54 year old dude also makes an online profile, and let's say he's....welll...similar to US Senator Mark Foley in a certain way...I would say online molestation in a virtual world is 100% a realistic threat. Is it a crime in the REAL world to do such a thing in a virtual world? How about other laws, do they apply too? Now what about stuff like being a con artist in the Second Life world and swindling someone out of their money. I'm not sure how, I just think it's probably possible. Is this punishable in the real world?
So many questions, so many answers that I would love to get!!