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March 21, 2007

YouTube for President!

HA...who woulda thunk that politicians will now be getting FREE campaigns put on the website without even knowing it!? There's some real potential here, both good and bad! For example, let's say someone rrrrrreaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyy wanted Obama to win the presidency. He or she could very easily contribute by making some sort of home-made campaign video and calmly putting it on the web. Now it might not be very well done, but it WILL reach a rather wide audience. On the flip-side, what if someone does NOT want Obama to win? He or she makes an anti-Obama video and calmly puts it on the web. Voila, Barack Obama has someone to do his mud-slingin' for him! The question is, can anybody get in trouble for this? I mean they can't take action against Obama if he has nothing to do with it. And if they WERE going to go after the perpetraitor of the video(s), how the heck would they do that?? I guess they could just ask "vidgurl_29" who she is and go arrest her....NOT. It also seems like YouTube has the power to get the "underground" stuff out there...all the skeletons that are hidden in Gore's closet, for example. Like Tony was saying in class, he has a lot of stuff going on environmentally that is just being overshadowed by his emmy-award winning work in "An Inconvenient Truth". The thing about YouTubers is that a lot of them would like being the "rebels" or the "dirt diggers" that get the REAL info out there...apparently some people think internet "fame" is more awesomer that real-life fame, and might relish the opportunity to get their online-alias name out there. And that's my thought on YouTube for President.

March 19, 2007

Kiosk Design

The Best Buy kiosk is being designed with some of the Best Buy ideals in mind. We wanted it to be in store colors (or close to it), have repetition of the Best Buy tag, and use the Best Buy font if possible. Basically we wanted a lot of Best Buy shown to people when they use the kiosk. This will get people into the whole feel of the store before the even step away from the kiosk. It is also being designed with a sense of simplicity in mind. We're not trying to put up every single on sale item in the store. Instead, we are going to display a few items from around the store that will let kiosk users see items from different departments. Since it is also a touch-screen it should be pretty user friendly as well; I think most people who come into the store are probably going to be somewhat technology literate already, so using a touch screen won't be a real challenge for most of them. The alternating of the showcased products will add another dimension to the kiosk as well. Instead of presenting the items all at once, we are presenting them in an alternating fashion. The movement will not only allow us to show other products, but it will also help draw people into the kiosk. The display of the kiosk itself will also be unique, as we are designing it to be built into a Best Buy tag shaped display which would ideally be located at the front of the store. This is another way for us to make something unique and draw people in as well.

Digital Billboards

"F" THAT! I think it's total BS that they want to regulate the digital billboards, I think they're much more practical, more noticeable, and thus more effective! Here's my main beef with the city council though. I've heard they want to shut off the billboard that is up on central entrance, up past the Duluth Central School intersection. Up PAST that intersection. Yet someone was b*tching that it's "too close to the intersection and will distract people which will endanger the kids leaving school." I say buulllllllsh*t! First of all, that billboard was NOT that bright before they dumbed it down. Second, its like half a mile away from the intersection! If they planted the billboard right at the intersection I wouldn't care, take it down. But there is PLENTY of time to become "un-distracted" before the intersection. The brightness is not an issue either, in my eyes. So what if you can see it from a ways away, it's not a dam spotlight shining right into your face! Someone needs to quit b*tching and drive.

What is a good font for web / interactive design?

For web and interactive design it is generally a good idea to stick with fonts that are sans-serif. It was mentioned in class that Meta is a good font and seems to be commonly used in the movies and such. There are websites out there that do still use fonts with serifs but I don't think it is very effective on most of them! For the most part though, people have become wise enough to stick w/ sans-serif fonts. One website that DOES use a serif-font is the NY TIMES website. I'm not sure what font it is exactly but I think it is perhaps the one example that doesnt completely suck. The serifs actually seem like "semi serifs" now that I look at it a little more, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I guess in a way it does make sense for a "classy" website like the NY TIMES to use a semi-serif font, but it still affects the readability of the website. I noticed they do use a sans-serif font for the drop downs in the navigation bar on the side. I'm not real fond of the serif font. There, I have spoken.