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Digital Billboards

"F" THAT! I think it's total BS that they want to regulate the digital billboards, I think they're much more practical, more noticeable, and thus more effective! Here's my main beef with the city council though. I've heard they want to shut off the billboard that is up on central entrance, up past the Duluth Central School intersection. Up PAST that intersection. Yet someone was b*tching that it's "too close to the intersection and will distract people which will endanger the kids leaving school." I say buulllllllsh*t! First of all, that billboard was NOT that bright before they dumbed it down. Second, its like half a mile away from the intersection! If they planted the billboard right at the intersection I wouldn't care, take it down. But there is PLENTY of time to become "un-distracted" before the intersection. The brightness is not an issue either, in my eyes. So what if you can see it from a ways away, it's not a dam spotlight shining right into your face! Someone needs to quit b*tching and drive.