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What is a good font for web / interactive design?

For web and interactive design it is generally a good idea to stick with fonts that are sans-serif. It was mentioned in class that Meta is a good font and seems to be commonly used in the movies and such. There are websites out there that do still use fonts with serifs but I don't think it is very effective on most of them! For the most part though, people have become wise enough to stick w/ sans-serif fonts. One website that DOES use a serif-font is the NY TIMES website. I'm not sure what font it is exactly but I think it is perhaps the one example that doesnt completely suck. The serifs actually seem like "semi serifs" now that I look at it a little more, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I guess in a way it does make sense for a "classy" website like the NY TIMES to use a semi-serif font, but it still affects the readability of the website. I noticed they do use a sans-serif font for the drop downs in the navigation bar on the side. I'm not real fond of the serif font. There, I have spoken.