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YouTube for President!

HA...who woulda thunk that politicians will now be getting FREE campaigns put on the website without even knowing it!? There's some real potential here, both good and bad! For example, let's say someone rrrrrreaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyy wanted Obama to win the presidency. He or she could very easily contribute by making some sort of home-made campaign video and calmly putting it on the web. Now it might not be very well done, but it WILL reach a rather wide audience. On the flip-side, what if someone does NOT want Obama to win? He or she makes an anti-Obama video and calmly puts it on the web. Voila, Barack Obama has someone to do his mud-slingin' for him! The question is, can anybody get in trouble for this? I mean they can't take action against Obama if he has nothing to do with it. And if they WERE going to go after the perpetraitor of the video(s), how the heck would they do that?? I guess they could just ask "vidgurl_29" who she is and go arrest her....NOT. It also seems like YouTube has the power to get the "underground" stuff out there...all the skeletons that are hidden in Gore's closet, for example. Like Tony was saying in class, he has a lot of stuff going on environmentally that is just being overshadowed by his emmy-award winning work in "An Inconvenient Truth". The thing about YouTubers is that a lot of them would like being the "rebels" or the "dirt diggers" that get the REAL info out there...apparently some people think internet "fame" is more awesomer that real-life fame, and might relish the opportunity to get their online-alias name out there. And that's my thought on YouTube for President.