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Woodland Middle School Reflection

I was very surprised by both the technology and skill level of the students at Woodland. They were working with Photoshop and learning the techniques of stop motion animation before we even worked out our lesson. The class space was in the computer lab connected to the library and was a little bit of a squeeze. The classroom consisted of anywhere from 14 to 19 students daily and was the first class hour going from 8:15am to 9:00am. The students' teacher was thankful to have us and was also a great resource for us to both observe and to hear helpful feedback from. When we were planning out our lesson plan we wanted to have the students work on something that they hadn't before; instead of manipulating images on a computer into a stop motion animation we wanted them to manipulate real objects, objects that they themselves had created. We also felt that another way to help transform this lesson would be to include the idea a cross-curriculum (interdisciplinary) ideas. We used the famous poet Robert Frost and two of his poems 'The Door in the Dark' and 'The Road Less Traveled' as our beginning guidelines for the lesson. The students were then suppose to create a strong storyboard, a background, some characters, props (if needed), and shoot it all using a digital camera. Now looking back at the lesson I felt that both Mr. Nagahashi and I did a great job keeping the students motivated and interested in the process. I also feel that it helped give us a sense of where the students were at developmentally and how to better prepare perhaps for when the next time we use this type of a lesson. Overall, I enjoyed the time at Woodland and with our teacher there.