October 2, 2008

Velvet Strike

Velvet Strike is a revolutionary anti-war group who play online first person shooters (like Half-Life and Counter-Strike) and use these games as a way of spreading their message. I use to play both Half-Life and Counter-Strike a few years ago and use to be pretty good. The game has something called tags, which you use to tag your kills or tag a wall. The games gives you default tags like skull and crossbones, a scared cat "scaredy cat", and no camping tag. What Velvet Strike did was imported their own tags into the game and would tag everything they could, walls, ceilings, floors, and windows. Some of their tags say things like 'Hostages in Military Fantasy', bind1mouse = drop weapon, and they even have a tag where the two enemies in the game (terrorists and counter-terrorists) are hugging. Velvet Strike has had a lot of comments and feedback from many people. I read through many of them and found that I really like what Velvet Strike is doing and how they are trying to target an age group that has grown up with simulated violence and video games. I'm not saying that video game violence leads to violence in real life, but I think that Velvet Strike is a refreshing look at the first person shooter that helps people understand the differences and distinctions between fantasy and reality.