October 2, 2008

More About Parkour?

Where can I go to learn more about le parkour?
Where can I meet more traceurs?
Where can I learn new moves and practice techniques?

American Parkour

Le Parkour Videos


Mark Schanzenbach: Turn Vault, Drop
Location: UMD (Outside Sculpture Studio)

Mark is out of his mind.jpg

September 30, 2008

LPD Members

Le Parkour Duluth Team Members (2006 - 2008+)

Current Members
Clark 'Carcass' Anderson - Traceur (2006+)
Eric 'Karma Shield' Mislivec - Traceur (2007+)
Mark 'Unbreakable' Nelson - Traceur (2007+)
Miles Blount - Traceur (2007+)
Michael Gravelle - Traceur (2007+)
David Warner - Traceur (2007+)
Danielle Nagler - Traceuse (2007+)
Elizabeth Kramer - Traceuse (2008+)

Additional Members
Tom Rusterholz - Traceur (2006)
Kevin Keller - Traceur (2006)
Jesse Horngren - Traceur (2006)
Dave Hauer - Traceur (2006)
Jesse Johnston - Traceur (2006 - 2007)
Mark Schanzenbach - Traceur (2006 - 2008)
Ben Coz - Traceur (2007)
Dan Castle - Traceur (2007)

Parkour Gear?

What should I wear when I train?
What kind of shoes should I get?
Should I wear 'breathable' clothing?
Should I not wear a shirt?

Clark Anderson (Le Parkour Duluth Traceur):
What I bought were a pair of Nike Cross-Trainers. I know that other LPD members bought regular running shoes, both work. The three main things you are looking for in the shoes are 1) shock absorption 2) ankle support and 3) good traction. You can probably purchase a fairly good pair for 25 - 40 bucks. Other than that you should be set. Word to the wise, don't wear street shoes or skate shoes. I did when I first started and they don't help at all, mostly just give you shin-splints and twisted ankles. For clothing I usually wear a light-weight t-shirt and shorts. But I know that Mark on the team usually wears PJ pants so almost anything light will work for clothing. Also, if your hair is longer I'd suggest tying it in a ponytail or up somehow to keep it out of your face, as done very often by Mark, Eric, Tom, and Jesse. As for me, I wear a hat (helps with my air flow). Just Kidding.

Eric Mislivec (Le Parkour Duluth Traceur):
I bought el-cheapo Reebok cross-trainers from DSW. There is a bit of a trade off: good cushion vs. sensitivity. There are times when more cushion will save you some pain, others when you really need the feeling of walking barefoot. As for clothing, comfortable stuff that doesn't constrict. A light fabric long-sleeve shirt can save the arms some scratches at times, depends on what you are doing.

Mark Schanzenbach (Le Parkour Duluth Traceur):
PJ pants are what its all about you guys...and swim trunks. My shoes are Saucony running shoes, they were $30 at DSW and i like the traction they have, DON'T wear street shoes... when we started I was wearing my old globes and my feet were always hurting so bad. I'm sure that's also because my rolls were bad at that time... but yes. Things like arch support, cushion, and ankle support are all good reasons to get some running shoes or the like.

September 23, 2008


Mark Nelson: Jump to Cat Leap
Location: College of St. Scholastica


Clark Anderson: Tic Tac Parallel to Cat Leap
Location: UMD (Near School of Medicine)


Tom Rusterholz & Jesse Johnston: Climb up & Turn Vault
Location: UMD (Near School of Medicine)
Le Parkour0001.jpg


Clark Anderson: Leap
Location: Restroom Complex (Canal Park)
clark jump.jpg

'Dangerous & Moving'

Le Parkour Duluth's newest video production which at this time is in development. So far, this video will be a documentary with parkour montages and will include longer lines and faster movement with better flow. 'Dangerous & Moving' may also be co-produced with the help of Nate Hanninen, a student at LSC and additional individuals. Expect to see 'Dangerous & Moving' sometime in mid to late 2009.

Le Parkour Vaults

This is a le parkour video that was found online that helps to improve and teach traceurs multiple vaults including style vaults and vault combinations. A very good video.

Le Parkour Vaults


Le Parkour Duluth's second video with some new faces, new locations, advanced moves, and better video resolution. Unlike 'Infinity In Your Hands', 'Superior' was a much larger production which took us about 15 months to film. Over that time many of the traceurs were able to improve their knowledge and techniques thus requiring us to film and re-film. Our main undertone of this film was to make it "close to home". We wanted it to appear as a local film showing local locations, local people, and include local music. United Men Divide was a local band that gave us permission to use one of their songs in our video. In the end, 'Superior' became something more than just another le parkour video, it truly was 'Superior'.

'Superior' (2007-2008)

September 18, 2008

'Infinity In Your Hands'

Le Parkour Duluth's debut feature. Filmed, edited, and produced in less than a month and a half it became the original turning point and view of le parkour in the Northland. It was a new experience for both those involved in the film (each with about two months worth of training) and to the hundreds of spectators who watched from the sidelines. Le Parkour Duluth proudly presents 'Infinity In Your Hands'.

'Infinity In Your Hands' (2006)