July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute

You Never Said Goodbye
Blaine Anderson

Goodbyes are always shadowed by preconceived notions
You said you're not alone, and the world is following you
Critics suffocated as the tears downed your fanatics

Your legacy will always live on through memories
Even though the summer months shouldn't acquire talent
We realized the genuine voice from the world

Your child solidified your legacy
The Real you

Your voice will forever resonate in the lands
Your hand will reach beyond what you planned
Your shift will instruct the world on new measures

You discovered the constant crowd

You're not here with us
You forgot to say goodbye
No one can tell us why

They followed you
They will continue to follow you
Rest Gently

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February 11, 2009

Lovely Road

Blaine Anderson

Strolling through the contexts of life

Walking the paths
Running the undeveloped
Resting in the inference

Debating the conjectures that underlie

Finding reason to realize the worth
Finding the rationale for acceptance
Finding the purpose of Love

Realizing that not all situations combine

Some will unite and dissolve
Some will dissolve before uniting
Some will unite and remain

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January 26, 2009

Seeing Through

Blaine Anderson

Sometimes the light shines brighter at rare times
The same light one has passed on several occasions
It was tonight animation unlocked the gleam

Brightness often reflects the desire of One
Perceiving the uncertainty as an attempt
Might directs the path ahead

Fueling the light of the dream images
You shine through
One is worth seeing through

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June 27, 2008


Blaine Anderson

An unlikely incidence that was discovered many times over
Causing me to fall slowly at the expense of heartbreak
Investing the entire sentiment knowing the profit

Assume the ending is always the predictable
Our memories will perpetually sail on the sea of reflection
Occasionally slanting at the invincible winds of the current

The conclusion is deferred by the realization of reality
Boarding the departure flight, glancing back with sodden vision
Assume love is real

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June 23, 2008

Theatre de la Jeune Lune Closing

I was disappointed to discover the news that Theatre de la Jeune Lune, located in the warehouse district of Minneapolis, is closing late next month due to financial deficit.

While attending the University of Minnesota, I was very fortunate to experience the ambiance of the quaint theater during The King and I production. It was a very enjoyable experience with exceptional acting.

It’s always unfortunate to lose such a historical icon within the arts sector. Farewell Theatre de la Jeune Lune!

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March 6, 2006

Constant Strides

Constant Strides
Blaine Anderson

How long before I walk
waiting for the light to turn
standing on the curb, numb

Caught in a standstill, the moment catches
walking, take a risk of deviation
without looking back, everyone remains still

Breathing without seeing, walking the line
the beauty of simplicity chills, freezes
life, walking through

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February 15, 2006

Stepping Away For a Moment In Time

Stepping Away For a Moment In Time
Blaine Anderson

We stepped away for a moment in Time
Time that is wandering through wonder

It seems as though the clock lost concept of Time
Stopping from the rigors of constant

Losing grip with conformity deviates our parts
Only understood by the fears of ending

Opening where the end begins, preliminary foundations
Breaking the impossible of restarting Time

You are a mere step away from a moment in Time
Making Time start on a new timepiece

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Snow Angel

Snow Angel
Blaine Anderson

I felt your smile instinctively through the crimson of the pedals
The color resembled your introverted personality
The feeling resembled the term, the season of growth

Infatuation scandalized the model of grouping
Veiled with the sensation of eternity, roses mislay shades
I ponder the distance of the next thorn, reaching the blossom

Waking in a perfect garden, I descend with dream
Teaching me the contrast of snow on red is unbelievable
Hands together, we made a Snow Angel

For Sybil

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November 28, 2005

Corruption Prevails Within Republican Party, Again!

California congressman Randy Cunningham pleaded guilty Monday to conspiracy and tax charges shortly before resigning. He admitted he took $2.4 Million in bribes! Cunningham entered pleas in U. S. District Court to charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion.

Cunningham is an eight-term Republican congressman. He was currently serving as chairman of the House Intelligence subcommittee on terrorism and human intelligence. Human intelligence! How ironic.

In a statement, prosecutors said Cunningham admitted to receiving at least $2.4 million in bribes paid to him by several conspirators through a variety of methods, including checks totaling over $1 million, cash, rugs, antiques, furniture, yacht club fees and vacations.

Cunningham's pleas came amid a series of GOP scandals. Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas had to step down as majority leader after he was indicted in a campaign finance case; a stock sale by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is being looked at by regulators; and Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff was indicted in the CIA leak case.

The Republican Party has such a fantastic leader, who only chooses to lead by example. Wait, the problem is now clear to me! Republicans, I recommend you start packing up your bags.

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November 25, 2005

A Rose Without Thorns

A Rose Without Thorns
Blaine Anderson

Eyes wide shut, I imagine love without spike
They speak of the impossibilities of finding perfection
I nearly conformed
Thinking the Rose is the only Delegate to Love
Love remains Conditional

I experienced the Sting from the Thorns
Touching the Tenderness of the Petals
The throbbing remained, despite Beauty
The Petals wilted with the change
Beauty remains from a distance

I stepped away from the Rose Garden only to find you
Itís perfection with no Thorns
Your ideal beauty is undiscovered, just like the Best is
You are the Delegate to Love
My Love is Unconditional

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