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December 5, 2004

Would you like a Pop or Soda?

How frustrating is it to be corrected by someone, especially wait staff, for using either Pop or Soda? People who have no other compliments to their life feel the direct need to correct people on an issue that is built on peer personal preference.

The fact is it’s not just the terms Pop & Soda we use to describe what we know today as the delightful, caffeine-penetrated refreshments. Numerous other terms are used such as coke, soft drinks, soda pop, sodiepop, spiffy, as well as many others.
The general question that remains is who uses what term where?
Several references indicate conformity of who says what where. A majority of people on the East Coast prefers the term “Soda”. This trend also stretches into parts of the Midwestern states, parts of the West Coast, and a majority of Hawaii. “Pop”, on the other hand, is the word of choice in the Midwest. Coke is the dominating term used in the southern/ eastern coasts. As for people who call it something other than pop, soda, or coke, are those of the eastern coast.
As for Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, Pop is not defied; however, Soda is defined as a sweet drink consisting of soda water, flavoring, and often ice cream. The best term used to define the controversy subject matter is soda pop! Soda pop is defined as a beverage of soda water, syrup, and flavoring. In accordance to the Merriam-Webster, maybe we should create a synchronized definition of soda pop. In the mean time, feel free to call it your word of choice! If someone ever corrects you due to the term you use to describe the above subject matter, do the following _______(pick the most appropriate choice).
A) Tell them to get a life!
B) F*%K OFF! *
C) Tell them, you know, you’re right! I apologize. I will never mess up like that again. Would you teach me how to be perfect?
D) Get up and leave the restaurant causing a big scene. * (my personal choice!)

*Not responsible for the repercussions that follow this decision choice!

Posted by ande4192 at December 5, 2004 2:29 PM


OMG Blaine Anderson! How the heck are ya? It was so great to meet you, and i had a wonderful time hanging out with you and Pete! We definitely need to do that again sometime ;) As far as carbonated beverages go, when i was in PA, i asked for a "pop" at a restaurant, and i then had to explain to the waitress for 5 minutes what "pop" was, and why people from MN call "soda", "pop". It was very time consuming, and my thirst for "pop" was growing by the second. I hate PA. trust me Blaine, this will not be the last time you hear from Ashley. I have a PLETHORA of comments waiting to go with YOUR name on em! *wink wink*

Posted by: Ashley at December 5, 2004 3:28 PM

I don't like PA very much either Ashley. I worked there for a whole summer. We think that pop and soda is confusing! The south uses "coke" for everything. GROSS.

Posted by: Cody at December 5, 2004 4:52 PM

I usually use "soda" I had a bad experience using pop while growing up. Everytime I would ask my mother if I could have a pop she said "sure", and then punched me in the arm. "How did you like your pop?"

Posted by: Dan at December 6, 2004 10:51 AM

lmfao. you have funny people that leave you comments blaine. is cody cute? i need a boyfriend. :(

Posted by: Ashley at December 8, 2004 2:21 AM

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Ya there's a lot of other words like that too. Like there's only one absolute right way to say it.

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