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March 12, 2005

Spring Break 05' Almost There, West Coast!

Here is a quick update on my spring break trip! We are keeping a journal of events. We are currently on our way to Seattle! Keep checking back for updates!

Spring Break 2005
Blaine & Charlly Mindlessly Wandering The US
On The Road Again!
March 11, 2005

12:22: We have officially left the Twin Cities with the final destination unknown! We spent the previous couple hours prepping to take off, which was somewhat random! We ‘re cruising stylish in Charlly’s Eclipse! We’re both looking forward to cruising down the Pacific coast line with the sunroof open, etc! We’re leaving MPLS with ACDC blaring “Highway to Hell!!”

0427hrs: Well we’re in North Dakota…land of…um…NOTHING, that’s it. North Dakota is known for it’s unique diversity of nothing. I’ve been sleeping for a couple of hours, if this is what you call it, while Charlly’s behind the wheel. It’s been extremely enjoyable trying to find that right position to actually reach a somewhat unconscious state. We just left Valley City where Charlly admitted to being tired. We’re getting extremely close, only like a million more miles to Seattle! I’ll love cars by the time we get there, let alone driving back! The sound of the tires against the road…hypnotic. I think we’re the only ones on the road in North Dakota, because its population of 20 are probably still in bed. Back to bed for now; the sun should be up soon!

0556hrs: So here we sit at the Tuttle exit near Bismarck, North Dakota due to adverse weather conditions. The visibility is near zero. We decided to pull over at this random truck stop and catch some sleep until the weather clears up. We are pulled up along side a truck wash. I’m praying we don’t get murdered. I could see the headlines for this town’s newspaper “Two U of M Student Get Murdered at Random Truck Stop” That wouldn’t be cool life material for us. Anyway, our spirits are still high; however, extremely tired. We are getting close to Montana. I feel like I’m actually part of the Oregon Trail game! It’s a grand ol’ time in North Dakota! At this point we are yet to second guess our decision to take off on this road trip. Until next time…or if we get murdered while sleeping next to semi trucks, see you never.


0934hrs: So we made it through the extreme weather without getting murdered at the truck stop. We are about 20minutes from the Montana state line! We had to stop for fuel in Medora, ND. This is Hickville USA so far; however, we have yet to be in Montana. So this is going to be our first video entry! We are starting to get a little fatigued; however, excited to go on! We pulled up to the old-fashioned gas pumps where there were several farm trucks with what appeared to be butch lesbians in brown coverhalls driving them. It was almost like being in Minneapolis!

1331hrs: Billings-Gustics Steakhouse-Cowboy shots…same as cocksuckers in MN
1846hrs: Butte~ More to come
2001hrs: Well we hit another snow storm ? It’s dark out again..we have almost been in this car for 24hrs. It’s a crazy, but great time. It would be perfect if we didn’t have to deal with this snow; however, I’m just going to type so I don’t have to watch Charlly drive! Visibility is near zero at times with the road totally snowed over. We are almost to Missoula where we are going to look for wireless internet connections at a local coffeehouse! It’s been about 24hrs without internet and I’m about ready to die! I swear if I pass through one more town where the barn is better than the trailer home I’m going to puke. Also, I think I have a new business plan, selling trailer homes in Montana! Everyone owns one! It’s the new black. I’m getting anxious to get the hell out of this car. I’ll probably be closterphobic after this trip! Montana is way too frickin long.

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OMG Blaine...I miss you sooo much already! I dont know how if i can make it much longer without you! I miss your down comforter....i can't wait till you get back home and you can have a sleepover at my new apartment!!!! well..i dont want to jinx it so im not calling it my new apt yet...I LOVE YOU BLAINE!!!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY!!!!!!!!! MOM? MOOOOMMMM? MALLLLMMMMM???????? IM GONNA SHUT DOWN....*rocks back and forth in fetal position..foams at the mouth* say hi to your fellow road trip buddy for me!!!! HIIIII!!!!!!! i hope you guys are having a good time (but not toooo good without me) hehehe. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Posted by: Ashley at March 13, 2005 1:08 AM