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March 14, 2005

Hello Seattle!

Yesterday afternoon we officially arrived in Seattle! We spent a majority of the day in Seattle downtown around Elliot Bay, Pike Place Market. This was very interesting! Pike Place Market is where the very first Starbucks Coffee opened back in 1971! Today, there is at least one Starbucks on every block in Seattle!
Pike Place Market is full of fresh seafood as well as other produce. Numerous private musicians fill the streets in hopes for financial support.
Last night was spent checking a few clubs out; however, the strain from our sleep deprivation didn't allow us to experience the "true" Seattle scene. We still had a great time!

Today we are venturing out downtown again, as well as spending some time by the water! We'll probably return to the space needle as well as a few other museums.

Tomorrow morning/afternoon we will be heading up to Vancouver, B.C. to meet up with a few of Charlly's friends, as well as experience the nightlife. Emily will be coming with us!

Thursday we will be heading down the Pacific Coastline, through Oregon to California! I'm hoping we'll get a chance to deviate from our travel plans to check out Mt. St. Helens.

I'm still hoping for a small earthquake, as well as a volcano! I really don't want to get killed, so they would have to be small! We actually just went over earthquake prep stuff with Emily's sister, Sara, in case of an earthquake.

We're having a great time. I'll keep you updated on the progress of us vacation! That's it for now. We'll see you never!

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whoha! i miss you! im sorry i havent talked to you yet...but i hope you had a fun time while you were here. i got the zoo job! so now i currently have 3 jobs! whooohooo! what fun. i just have to decide which ones to keep now. anyways, send me some pictures! my mom loved the e-mail and pic we sent her! and i loved my letter! you are sooo sweet! i kissed the spot too...you should have drawn a box where you kissed and then i could have said i kissed your box!!! LOL OMG JK im using a lot of exclamation points in this post. whooo..anyways, send me some pics, POST HASTE, beotch! love you <3 E

Posted by: Emma at March 19, 2005 7:50 PM