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October 19, 2005

DeLay, and not the former motto of FEMA

Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican to win the white house in 1860, would be extremely disappointed with the party that he set most of the foundational groundwork for. I highly doubt he intended for ruthless corruption to take over the political party he fought so hard to build.

It’s official; the corruption within the Republican Party is finally surfacing. Wednesday a Texas court issued a warrant for former House Majority Leader Tom Delay to appear for booking at the Fort Bend County Jail.

Felony charges are pending in regards to allegations that a DeLay-founded Texas political committee funneled corporate money into state GOP legislative races through the National Republican Party. Texas law prohibits use of corporate money to elect state candidates.

Of course DeLay is responding with the new Bush-induced motto of the Republican Party, “ I deny any wrongdoing.”

The effort had major political consequences, first by helping Republicans take control of the Texas Legislature in the 2002 elections. The Legislature then redrew congressional boundaries according to a DeLay-inspired plan, took command of the state's U.S. House delegation and helped the GOP retain its U.S. House majority.

This is another rung taken off the Bush support ladder, directly under the missing rung from the endorsement of Miers. Bush’s support from fellow American’s trust is disintegrating, already suffering from the lowest support rating of his presidency, according to the latest Gallup Poll conducted October 13th-16th, 2005, a mere 39% supporting his performance.

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hey blaine! How are you!?!?

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