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December 30, 2004

What Classic Movie Are You?

Once again, out of slight boredom, I did the "What Classic Movie Are You?" test. Interesting enough, I'm one of the most dramatic, eye-catching movies of all times, Schindler's List.

What Classic Movie Are You?
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I'm Gandhi!

In slight boredom, I came across a test, "what leader are you?"! I found it to be very interesting. to my suprise, I display similar leadership qualities as one of Dr. Martin Luther King's role models, Gandhi. I remember studying Gandhi in high school and a quote that I still keep in the back of my head quoted by him is: "Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man."

if we were all able to follow this philosophical statement from Gandhi, we would live in a perfect world; however, this is unrealistic. Take the test for yourself.

What Famous Leader Are You?
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Not a Hipster, Perfect!

Brought to my attention by Joe, I took the hipster challenge. Much to my suprise, I'm not a hipster. I guess better luck next time. Based on my results, I should start looking for a hipster to adopt, into my perfect lair!

You're Not a Hipster!
You're Not a Hipster!
Take What sort of Hipster are you? today!
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My Results:
You're actually not much of a Hipster. Congratulations! You may have Hipster style, but you're healthy, you eat right, you have a decent job you enjoy, your finances are stable, you plan on buying a house (if you don't already own one) and settling down before you're 35, you have friends you like, your friends like you, and you can honestly say you're pretty damn happy. Perhaps you should adopt a Hipster and draw them into your perfect lair . . .

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December 16, 2004

Thoughts & Prayers


It’s unfortunate that I have to write an entry such as this. I would like to send my condolences out to my roommate, Chris, and his family in time of loss. Chris lost his little brother, Justin (16), Tuesday night when he was struck by a car.

Death is never an easy subject to discuss. Our time on earth is very unpredictable. We never know when our time will ever be surrendered to eternal life. Practicing medicine as a paramedic, I see this on a daily basis. Time is precious and valuable.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, Chris.

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December 10, 2004

Hello Jingle Ball 2004!


As of last night, it's official! I will be attending Jingle Ball 2004 sponsored by Minneapolis's KDWB, tomorrow at the Target Center. Nearly a sold out concert, performers include Avril Lavigne, (HOT!), Ryan Cabrera, Nitty, Switchfoot, Christina Millian, & Maroon 5!
This will be one hell of a concert! Depending on the pre-party situation, keep an eye out tomorrow night/early Sunday for a review of the concert.

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December 7, 2004

~Looking Beyond ~

~Looking Beyond~
Blaine Anderson

You flood my thought with affection as I hold you tightly
I can feel you so close; however, I know you’re drifting away
The closer I come to you, the more you struggle for detachment
The most incredible feeling is hindered with hesitation
Lost in the softness of your kiss the hesitation is misplaced beyond thought
Holding you tightly in my arms brings confusion to the outcome
The happiness in your eyes dulls my insecurities
The flood of your affection creates an ocean of desire
I swim in the sea of ambiguity afloat a raft of trust

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China Comes Out of the Closet!

For the first time, China has released an offical estimate of it's gay population. Official reportings have been projected at 5-10 million gay men in China. Wow, I didn't know China even had gay people! This would mean about 2-4% of the male population. Officials speculate that these numbers are more than likely much higher, due to the oppresion put on the non-heterosexual standards. (WOW, really?)
The release also reported that 1.35% of this segment is infected with HIV, making gay men the second highest risk group after IV drug users.
The report came after China had been warned about how it is handling the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
China is currently looking into other methods to try and reach out to the GLBT community for support and compliance. Other methods? I'm sure no other methods have even been attempted!
My sincere congratulations goes to CHINA for "coming out" of not the closet, but your idiotic, arrogant nature! Great job jumping on the hitch of the bandwagon! We look forward to your further progress!

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A new study suggests that women who take amphetamine-based diet pills when pregnant are more likely to have lesbian and gay children.
Expectant mothers who have taken thyroid medication are also included, with similar findings.
Conducted by the Minot State University, North Dakota, the study followed more than 5,000 mothers and their offspring. The research will be published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.
Researchers found that mothers of lesbian women were five times more likely to have taken thyroid medications in the early stages of their pregnancies than those of heterosexual women. Additionally, they were nearly eight times more likely to have taken amphetamine-based diet pills.
Conversely, mothers of straight men were 70 percent more likely to have taken anti-nausea drugs than those of gay men.
Professor Lee Ellis, one of the researchers for the study, said that the data backs claims that sexuality is determined in the womb through a variety of genetic and biochemical chain reactions, the Telegraph reports.
"These analyses support the conclusion that female offspring are more vulnerable to alterations in sexual orientation via exposure to a variety of prescription drugs, and suggest that this vulnerability is greatest during the first trimester," Ellis told the newspaper.
Others pointed to the movement of nutrients and chemicals from the mother to the baby in the womb.
"All drugs can cross the placental barrier and, looking back, we weren't so aware of what was going on inside the womb," Professor Jim Dornan, the vice-president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told the Telegraph.
It is not the first study to look to claim sexual orientation is decided in the womb, with recent investigations pointing to blink patterns, genetics and brain patterns as deciding factors.
However, some gay activists are keen for the nature-or-nurture debate to be dropped in favor of a more sophisticated debate on equality.
"It does not really matter whether it is nature or nurture. The important thing is getting equality for lesbian and gay people,” Stonewall's Alan Wardle said.
Professor Eliis is now calling for a larger study to take place in the near future.

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December 6, 2004

Outcast's Happy Hannukah!

My pal, Rob, brought this site to my attention! it's hilarious! No aspects of discrimination intended! it's just fun holiday humor. If you are easily offended, not recommended!Check it out!


Thanks Rob!

****Please send all complaints to Rob

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Former Military Officials challenge "don't ask, don't tell" Policy

Non-heterosexuals have served in the U.S. armed forces as far back as the first documented case of Gen. Washington’s key strategist during the war of independence. With the first documented case of a soldier being discharged from the military for homosexual acts in 1778, I believe we’ve made sluggish, but constructive progress. The anti-gay agenda preached by the U.S.
Department of Defense has no foundational structure of evidence; however, pure speculation on the likelihood that it would cause a lack of cohesion in the military. This is analogous to many states that still continue their anti-gay agenda such as anti-sodomy laws, holding no foundational evidence.

With a comparable instance in which the Department of Defense claimed that allowing a minority group into the military would cause tension and disruption, allowing blacks into the military in the late 1940’s has provided proof that the military is able to adapt and function in a manner that would preserve cohesion and performance.

A lawsuit filed in a Boston federal court challenged the Pentagon’s 11-year-old “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. The case is on the basis of 12 gays expelled from the military because of their sexual orientation. The case cites last year’s Supreme Court ruling that overturned state laws making gay sex a crime.

Two other lawsuits challenging the policy have been filed since the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Proposed during Clinton’s 1993 campaign agenda, the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was objected by most military officials as well as numerous legislators. Clinton still went forward with his agenda on the basis of there being no actual evidence of harm by allowing non-heterosexuals into the military; however, this came at a price, compromise. The tactic was surrounded with the knowledge that allowing “full” homosexual rights in the military would never gain support. The approach has allowed actual homosexuals in the military to serve; however, at the expense of oppression.

Unfortunatley, equality comes with time, acceptance, familarity, education, and understanding. In order to achieve this, small steps must be taken for equality. In a similar equality-related issue, analyze the black civil-rights movements. There was a price as well, segregation laws. These of course were eventually overturned. I believe we are heading in a similar, positive fashion; however, with more obstructions.

In my opinion, this policy is a remarkable, progressive stance that with further development will eventually create equality. It’s definitely better than not having any policy. It serves as a foundation for building future non-heterosexual rights on. It has also created an eye opening experience among officials, as well as creating task forces to conduct actual evidence-based analyses versus relying on mere speculations.

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December 5, 2004

Official 2004 Word of the Year! The Crown and Roses go to……….

After Marriam-Webster’s Online staff sorted through thousands of online hits from the Online Dictionary, Online Thesaurus, and Online Collegiate, they decided on the Top Ten words of the year! After many assumed wasted hours of productivity by the staff sifting through worthless data, 873 boxes of Twinkies, 1400 cases of Coke, and 8000 hours of time, they finalized the contest of the Top Ten Words of 2004.

Even though incumbent was unable to pull through the last stretch of the 2004 presidential elections, it still received the silver metal of honor by the jaded Webster-Marriam staff! Electoral tops the charts with 3rd place (I think this is a conspiracy that will surface within the Bush Administration in years to come)! After strong consideration for the 2004 4rd place Word Award, the staff came to the conclusion insurgent was the most deserving. Our intelligent society placed hurricane in 5th place! This is the point in which I also give an additional award called the 2004 Idiots’ Award. This award goes out to everyone who actually looked hurricane up on the Online Dictionary! Due to the high turn over rates, severe exhaustion, fatigue, and the lack of appreciation and respect experienced by the contest staff, the next 5 places were chosen by an executive decision. They are the following:
6th Place: Cicada
7th Place: Peloton
8th Place: Partisan- *My speculation: Is this Bush’s middle name?
9th: Place: Sovereignty- *My speculation is this word increased in the race a mere 6000% after Nov. 2nd when Americans realized Bush had another 4 years.
10th Placce: Defenestration

Funded by the Bush Administration, the Marriam-Webster staff placed (drum role…) BLOG as the 2004 Word of the Year Award Recipient! Blog noun [short for Weblog] (1999) : a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer

For a complete summary of the 2004 Word Awards visit

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Would you like a Pop or Soda?

How frustrating is it to be corrected by someone, especially wait staff, for using either Pop or Soda? People who have no other compliments to their life feel the direct need to correct people on an issue that is built on peer personal preference.

The fact is it’s not just the terms Pop & Soda we use to describe what we know today as the delightful, caffeine-penetrated refreshments. Numerous other terms are used such as coke, soft drinks, soda pop, sodiepop, spiffy, as well as many others.
The general question that remains is who uses what term where?
Several references indicate conformity of who says what where. A majority of people on the East Coast prefers the term “Soda”. This trend also stretches into parts of the Midwestern states, parts of the West Coast, and a majority of Hawaii. “Pop”, on the other hand, is the word of choice in the Midwest. Coke is the dominating term used in the southern/ eastern coasts. As for people who call it something other than pop, soda, or coke, are those of the eastern coast.
As for Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, Pop is not defied; however, Soda is defined as a sweet drink consisting of soda water, flavoring, and often ice cream. The best term used to define the controversy subject matter is soda pop! Soda pop is defined as a beverage of soda water, syrup, and flavoring. In accordance to the Merriam-Webster, maybe we should create a synchronized definition of soda pop. In the mean time, feel free to call it your word of choice! If someone ever corrects you due to the term you use to describe the above subject matter, do the following _______(pick the most appropriate choice).
A) Tell them to get a life!
B) F*%K OFF! *
C) Tell them, you know, you’re right! I apologize. I will never mess up like that again. Would you teach me how to be perfect?
D) Get up and leave the restaurant causing a big scene. * (my personal choice!)

*Not responsible for the repercussions that follow this decision choice!

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Andercrombie & Fitch

Preparing for one of the most abhorrent positions of all times, a sense of completion for a competition that involves being a representative for a foundation of discriminatory practices has been achieved! Ive been hired at A&F.

Unyielding to the diversity and contemptuous characteristics of humankind, A&F continues to cultivate a seamless society at the expense of infecting our young, credulous minds. Adhering to unrealistic image templates, many of these minds will be found dangerously wandering the paths of insecurity.

Unwilling to reduce my morals and attributes at the expense of a multi-million dollar, unethical company, I will graciously accept my mere minimum wage earnings. Infecting one naivemind at a time with my subliminal A&F messages, I will make a difference.

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