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February 15, 2006

Stepping Away For a Moment In Time

Stepping Away For a Moment In Time
Blaine Anderson

We stepped away for a moment in Time
Time that is wandering through wonder

It seems as though the clock lost concept of Time
Stopping from the rigors of constant

Losing grip with conformity deviates our parts
Only understood by the fears of ending

Opening where the end begins, preliminary foundations
Breaking the impossible of restarting Time

You are a mere step away from a moment in Time
Making Time start on a new timepiece

Posted by ande4192 at 12:06 PM

Snow Angel

Snow Angel
Blaine Anderson

I felt your smile instinctively through the crimson of the pedals
The color resembled your introverted personality
The feeling resembled the term, the season of growth

Infatuation scandalized the model of grouping
Veiled with the sensation of eternity, roses mislay shades
I ponder the distance of the next thorn, reaching the blossom

Waking in a perfect garden, I descend with dream
Teaching me the contrast of snow on red is unbelievable
Hands together, we made a Snow Angel

For Sybil

Posted by ande4192 at 11:45 AM