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May 9, 2005

We Live In a Beautiful World....

I definitely WIN the blogging award for the least updates in one month! Dan Frank made it clear in a recent post on his blog about individuals not updating their blogs; I am one of those individuals at the center of his attack, I believe. The past month has been extremely busy and exciting, what a peculiar combination!

Weíre down to the last week of the semester, finals week! Retrospectively, this semester has been prominent! Itís always interesting to sit back and reflect on various events that took place. Meeting new people, building various personal and professional connections, living through new life experiences, and becoming more knowledgeable on the intangible concept of life has made this semester very distinctive.

Iíve realized, particularly throughout this semester, time is a huge constraint on mankind. Time indirectly controls what we are and determines where we are going at a subconscious pace, leaving diminutive time for reflection and control. Time is a contagious concept that engulfs a society by its whole. In my opinion, time is an addictive concept that limits who we are. Standards and algorithms are created by time, asphyxiating creativity. We become addicted to time through maturity, losing awareness of our surroundings. When was the last time you stopped to analyze the sophisticated traits of a simple blade of grass? If you donít remember, what is your excuse? I would speculate the answer to be related to time constraints. When we lose connection with our surroundings we lose connection with ourselves. Losing connection with ourselves transforms us into vulnerable, unproductive free radicals.

I talk about the importance of time for several reasons, with the major reason consisting of being at a certain point in life at a certain time. I would like to consider myself another semester closer to achieving my lifelong goal of becoming a medical doctor; however, I donít think itís appropriate to measure destination in time. I think destination should be measured in experiences. Time is telling me I should be starting medical school next fall; however, philosophically, I truly feel I want to obtain more life experiences before indulging myself in the second phase of obtaining my goal. The foundational structure of my lifelong goal of becoming a medical doctor is deviating from the standard, advancing medicine in a new direction. Like before mentioned, I believe creativity is lost through time. We spend too much time analyzing the concepts of others, often times not expressing our own. We surrender our personal creativity to templates already formed by others. I want to be a physician well known for my creativity and compassion towards medicine. Academics have been overpowered by time, with examples such as the University of Minnesotaís 13-credit minimum policy for undergrads. Academics, in majority, changed hands from philosophical (creative) methods to mere scientific schemes. Curiosity is the precursor creativity, creativity and motivation is what forms innovation. Without innovation we are stagnant.

Coldplay says it the best in ďDonít PanicĒ. ď We live in a beautiful world.Ē

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