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July 13, 2005

Happy 19th Birthday, Ashley!

It’s personally required that I dedicate an entire entry to one of my best friends, Ashley, for her 19th Birthday! Almost exactly 19 years ago, Ashley Elizabeth Huisken was brought into this world as a precious miracle. Eighteen years later she would adhere to this concept known as Blaine. This association would soon change both lives.

I admire the friendship I share with Ashley. We’ve both learned a lot from each other, creating a friendship that will last a lifetime. Despite occasional Shifty Eye Syndromes (SES) with each other, we remain very tight.

The Queen of Fiji water, Burt’s Beeswax LipMALM, Coach purses, BMWs, Postal Service, Aveda, Andy Hunt, Golf, Perkins as well as many other things; Ashley is clearly not into Hot Air in Face, Power Tower, Wild Thing, and Valley Fair.

Ashley is one of the most caring individuals I’ve ever met. She’s the type of person I know will always be there, without limitations. I typically go to Ashley for a lot of personal advice, which takes a lot. She is one to give unbiased, logical advice.

Ashley & Blaine’s Mastercard Commercial:

Ashley & Blaine eating at Noodles….$20 (Blaine’s add ons)
Ashley’s “accident” on Blaine’s Down Comforter…$250
Ashley & Blaine’s Spa Night…..$15
Ashley’s Tube on the Apple River…$16
Blaine having Ashley as a friend who is always there……Priceless

Ashley is truly a person with a PLETHORA of excellent qualities. This is to you, Ashley Huisken! Happy 19th Birthday!

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February 8, 2005

Welcome, Ashley Anne!

Roxanne, my wonderful friend from Fargo, has a new addition to her family! Her niece, Ashley Anne, was born last Friday at 3:20, weighing 7lbs, 11oz & 20 1/4 inches tall!


I can guarantee Ashley will be spoiled by Aunt Roxanne!
Congratulations Rox & Family!

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January 15, 2005

This is for you, Emily!

About a month ago, I promised my best friend in the entire world, Emily, that I would include her on a blog entry. Well Emma, this is for you! Emily has been my best friend since as far back as I can remember. I can honestly say my life would be pretty boring without knowing her, until I moved to the twin cities anyway. We’ve done a lot together, including going on an official date, being FHS Homecoming King & Queen, skipping class and getting caught, and attending a murder trial, just to name a few. I think we share more inside jokes than anyone I know! Emma was the first person I ever told about my then, “little secret.” She still loved me; however, I guess that was after we built a pyramid of beer cans in my freshmen dorm room and then went to sleep; more liked passed out. We know each other better than anyone else. We have a formal, legal-binding contract to get married to each other at the age of 30 if we don’t find anyone else!
This picture is from my sophomore year in high school! Note Emma in the picture!

This is a picture of back in the good ol’ high school days when we had a secretive medical clinic at school. We would periodically load people up in the back of the world’s ugliest van that was used to haul extra-curricular students around in. We risked detention to play this little game during the school day. Pictured is Dr. Bob Fischer, MD, Dr. Gertrude Whoretense, MD, and Gloria Moon-Unit, PA-C (working on her MD), the patient is Frank with an unknown last name. This picture can also be interpreted as Blaine playing ambulance!
To the fun times and great memories, I Love you Emma!

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