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February 23, 2005

7 Years To Go! Happy Birthday Emily Jane Sheldon!


My best friend in the entire world, Emma, just turned 23 today! 23 years ago this infant would soon grow to be a mere extension of my life. I can honestly say my life would be boring without her. True friends are extremely hard to come by, especially the friendship that Emily and I share! We know each other inside and out (well not in that sense; however, one time we did go on a date!) We talk to each other almost everyday, eventhough we're separated by half the country. Emily currently resides in Seattle, she's the big city type of girl....or not.

Some may say we're partners in crime, others may say we're lovers. The latter one is correct. So one of our lovely "Blaine and Emma" days, we made a pact that we would marry each other at the age of 30, that is if we didn't find anyone else. As time progresses, I'm pretty sure we'll be married, eventhough she has Ben and I have Peter! I'm pretty sure we were serious as a heart attack about this pact because we even bought each other engagement rings from Wal-Mart one night. Mine disappeared! Her family already refers to me as the "son-in-law", honestly! Gotta love Bill, Carol, Anne, & Sara!

I would have to say a great memory was ME taking Emma out for her 21st Birthday! I'm pretty sure she is older than I am! I was a barfly at this time, where in most cases the bar staff knew me and wouldn't even request my fake ID! It was a great time, espeically when we went out with our "new" wedding rings on in order to get people to buy us drinks.

I've never related to a person in my life as I do to Em! I'll never forget our special moments together discussing our life plans. We would cuddle together with Goo Goo Doll's Name playing on repeat talking about what we wanted to do in life. We've never really figured anything out though...I mean, look at us!

Emily Jane Sheldon, you are my bestest of best friends in the entire world! I love you with all my heart. We've been there for each other through great times and some not so pleasant times. I look forward to being best friends with you forever. We have a friendship like no other! Happy Birthday Emily, you mean the world to me!

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