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July 15, 2005

Guaranteed Laugh!

This has to be the best prank phone call I've ever listened to! It was brought to my attention by my friend, Sybil (a future famous conductor), from St. Olaf! This is a must-listen-to phone call! An "Old Lady" calls the funeral home and speaks with the Funeral Director in regards to her neighbor. It's absolutely hilarious!

Some quotes from the call:

"no one call me and tell me NUTHIN!"
"Aint nobody call me and told me she DEAD!"

Leave your comments!Click Here for the Prank Phone Call!!!

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April 12, 2005

No Standing Ovation, Please!

As I was reading through the news, I came across a very interesting, humorous story! This is probably one of the most intriguing stories I’ve ever read in the news! This news headline makes me wonder why they are holding “Ms. Wheelchair” pageants, further defining someone’s disability. I speculate “Ms. Wheelchair” pageants will cause a plethora of new competitions such as “ Ms. Cripple”, “Ms. Quadriplegic”, “Ms. Electric Wheelchair”. Taking someone’s crown away that actually has a condition that restricts the individual to a wheelchair is like taking a medal away from a Special Olympics participant for scoring 2 points over the minimal IQ Test requirement! Enjoy!

MILWAUKEE (AP) - A new Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin has been crowned after pageant leaders stripped the original winner of the title when she appeared in a newspaper photograph standing up.

The announcement of the new winner Tuesday came amid a storm of protest over pageant officials' decision last week to take the crown away from Janeal Lee, a high school teacher and muscular dystrophy sufferer who uses a scooter as her main way to move around but said she can walk up to 15 meters on a good day and stand while teaching.

During the furore, the runner-up refused to accept the crown out of protest. Lee's sister, who also has muscular dystrophy and was named Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota, dropped out of the competition in that state. And the co-ordinator for the organization's Minnesota program stepped down from her job to "stand up for Janeal Lee."

"I no longer feel comfortable supporting an organization that instead of working towards creating a positive change, chooses to perpetuate stereotypes and requests its participants to hide their abilities while in public," said the sister, 26-year-old Sharon Spring of Rochester, Minn.

Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin officials stripped Lee of the crown after the 30-year-old was shown standing in her classroom in a photograph carried in a supplement to the Post-Crescent newspaper of Appleton, Wis.

The organization said candidates for the crown have to "mostly be seen in the public using their wheelchairs or scooters."

The eventual winner was second runner-up Kim Jerman of Waukesha. She did not immediately return a call Tuesday.

Pat O'Bryant, the national program's executive director, confirmed Jerman had accepted the Wisconsin crown but refused additional comment.

"We are not getting into a he-said, she-said, situation. I think we've said enough," she said.

"I'm very sorry all of this is happening."

The crown went to Jerman after first runner-up Michelle Kearney of West Allis refused to accept it.

"Who is to say who is more disabled and less disabled than another person?" Kearney told the Post-Crescent.

"Had I accepted, it's as if I had been saying I'm OK with the decision. I thought they educated and advocated about disabilities."

The co-ordinator for the group's Minnesota program, Jen Onsum, also quit her job in protest.

"I feel I must now stand up for Janeal Lee and against an organization that has discriminated against the very people they strive to advocate for," Onsum said, in a statement included in a link on the national program's website.

The winners of state Ms. Wheelchair contests go on to the national competition July 19-24 in Albany, N.Y. The program is designed to spotlight the accomplishments of women who use wheelchairs.

Ms. Wheelchair America:

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February 28, 2005

Who Wants Chipotle? Hearse Sighting!

So my friend Lesley and I decided to to head to Manhanttan Loft next to Chipotle after going to lunch with Nick & Anne at Coffman. What an eventful trip at Manhattan Loft!
my girls.jpg
My friend Lesley who is currently single! :)

Anyway, so we're sitting at a table looking out at Washington Ave and there was a Hearse parked in the no parking zone in front of Chipotle! The funeral guy jumped out and went and ordered Chipotle! As it was pulling away we could see in the back and we're 100% sure there was a casket in the back! WOW! Nothing like taking Grandma for one last ride to Chipotle! This is a sight you don't see everyday!
After the hearse encounter, Lesley points out what appears to be a homeless man walking by shoving a recorder, you know like the ones you play Hot Cross Buns on in 4th grade, down the front of his pants! COOL LIFE HOMELESS GUY WALKING BY MANHATTAN LOFT!!

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February 6, 2005

Stupidy Kills, So Do Potato Guns!

Stupid Person + Potato Gun=Death

Prime example of how stupidity kills. It's clear anything that causes an explosion, especially homemade, is very dangerous. The below article describes how a man was killed by shooting a potato gun. A potato gun is virtually a homemade pipe bomb that causes an explosion to force a potato shooting out one end, similar to a regular gun. Unfortunately, stupidity kills.

URBANA, Ohio (AP) A man was sentenced to three years probation after admitting he fired potatoes from a metal pipe contraption that exploded, killing his brother-in-law.

Judd B. Coffey, 32, also must perform 100 hours of community service for a charge of possessing a dangerous ordnance, under the ruling Tuesday by Champaign County Common Pleas Judge Roger Wilson.

Coffey pleaded guilty in December, saying he fashioned a potato gun out of a foot-long section of pipe.

The potato gun blew up in June outside Coffey's home in the western Ohio village of Cable, killing 21-year-old Kyle
Thompson. Coffey and two other men were hospitalized.

Coffey moved to South Carolina after recovering.

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January 31, 2005

Irony News


Life is typically full of ironic situations; some good, some bad. Here is a situation from this past December I found interesting!

On Dec. 20, a United Parcel Service driver was involved in a crash on an icy road near Keene, N.H., suffered a head injury, and was taken to Cheshire Medical Center, where tests were to be performed, except that the required machine for them was broken (though parts were on order). After checking the status of the order, hospital personnel discovered that the parts had been shipped and were in fact in the crashed UPS truck, and someone was dispatched to the scene of the accident to retrieve them. [Keene Sentinel, 12-20-04]

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January 2, 2005

What High School Stereotype Are You?

So here is another stupid blog quiz. What high school stereotype are you?

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?

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December 6, 2004

Outcast's Happy Hannukah!

My pal, Rob, brought this site to my attention! it's hilarious! No aspects of discrimination intended! it's just fun holiday humor. If you are easily offended, not recommended!Check it out!


Thanks Rob!

****Please send all complaints to Rob

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December 5, 2004

Official 2004 Word of the Year! The Crown and Roses go to……….

After Marriam-Webster’s Online staff sorted through thousands of online hits from the Online Dictionary, Online Thesaurus, and Online Collegiate, they decided on the Top Ten words of the year! After many assumed wasted hours of productivity by the staff sifting through worthless data, 873 boxes of Twinkies, 1400 cases of Coke, and 8000 hours of time, they finalized the contest of the Top Ten Words of 2004.

Even though incumbent was unable to pull through the last stretch of the 2004 presidential elections, it still received the silver metal of honor by the jaded Webster-Marriam staff! Electoral tops the charts with 3rd place (I think this is a conspiracy that will surface within the Bush Administration in years to come)! After strong consideration for the 2004 4rd place Word Award, the staff came to the conclusion insurgent was the most deserving. Our intelligent society placed hurricane in 5th place! This is the point in which I also give an additional award called the 2004 Idiots’ Award. This award goes out to everyone who actually looked hurricane up on the Online Dictionary! Due to the high turn over rates, severe exhaustion, fatigue, and the lack of appreciation and respect experienced by the contest staff, the next 5 places were chosen by an executive decision. They are the following:
6th Place: Cicada
7th Place: Peloton
8th Place: Partisan- *My speculation: Is this Bush’s middle name?
9th: Place: Sovereignty- *My speculation is this word increased in the race a mere 6000% after Nov. 2nd when Americans realized Bush had another 4 years.
10th Placce: Defenestration

Funded by the Bush Administration, the Marriam-Webster staff placed (drum role…) BLOG as the 2004 Word of the Year Award Recipient! Blog noun [short for Weblog] (1999) : a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer

For a complete summary of the 2004 Word Awards visit

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