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March 31, 2005

Steve is ALIVE...A Clue?

Despite popular belief, Steve from Blue's Clues is not dead! After a short conversation about Blue's Clues in Lesley's dorm room, an under cover task team was formed by Blaine's State of Oblivion Administration to investigate " Is Steve Actually Dead?"

Rumors surfaced that Steve Burns killed himself, the former host of Blue's Clues, shortly after he resigned from his post on the "popular" childrens show. The Lead Investigator delivered the news shortly after 10:30pm on Thursday night. "Steve is alive!"

The New Steve, former Blue's Clues Host

Steve has revealed his living state to various popular media, such as The New York Times and The Today Show. Steve has changed, as you can tell from the above picture. He just finished a recording contract with Flaming Lips, and Indie Rock Group. Cool Life Steve!

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January 31, 2005

Optimistic Daily Outlook

I woke up this morning very optimistic about the outlook of my day. I decided to check my email before I headed off to lab, when I happened to check my horoscope, which I haven't done since around the 9th grade.
Cancer 6/22 - 7/22

"This is a fabulous day for you, dear Cancer. Indulge in all the comforts that life affords you. Take a break and let someone else pamper you. Share your thoughts with others. Your vacillating emotions are at a high point, and your romantic nature is especially strong. You will enjoy being in a favorable mood for the majority of the day, so let the good times roll. Pick up a musical instrument tonight or go out on the town with someone you love."

I guess if I was that oblvious, obsessive-compulsive person who relied on a positive daily horoscope to function in life, I would have a perfect day!

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December 30, 2004

Not a Hipster, Perfect!

Brought to my attention by Joe, I took the hipster challenge. Much to my suprise, I'm not a hipster. I guess better luck next time. Based on my results, I should start looking for a hipster to adopt, into my perfect lair!

You're Not a Hipster!
You're Not a Hipster!
Take What sort of Hipster are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

My Results:
You're actually not much of a Hipster. Congratulations! You may have Hipster style, but you're healthy, you eat right, you have a decent job you enjoy, your finances are stable, you plan on buying a house (if you don't already own one) and settling down before you're 35, you have friends you like, your friends like you, and you can honestly say you're pretty damn happy. Perhaps you should adopt a Hipster and draw them into your perfect lair . . .

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