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Peterson Leads Vikings to Victory

The Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears 34-31 on Sunday after rookie Adrian Peterson set a franchise record with 224 rushing yards in the game. The Star Tribune and Kare 11 both covered the story on their websites. The Star Tribune article that was written by Kevin Seifert starts with burying the lead. They focus on the conditions (it was raining), and the 54-yard game winning field goal by Ryan Longwell. They then went on to talk about Peterson and the aggressive style of play that helped them win the game and is rarely seen from the Vikings. They also go on to list important stats that were accomplished during the game. The Kare 11 article was written by the associated press and starts with a direct lead focusing on Peterson’s performance. The AP article talks in more detail about specific runs that Peterson had as well as key plays by Devin Hester that kept Chicago in the game. I thought that this was critical because the two key stories from the game were the performances by Peterson and Hester and Seifert’s article does not focus as much on Hester. This is probably because for the local paper, people do not necessarily want to read about players from the other team and their performances. The two leads are also indicative of the audience of the articles.