April 19, 2009

14 Horses Collapse and Die

In one of the weirdest stories of the year, 14 full size horses collapsed and died Sunday before they were scheduled to compete in a polo match. The horses were going to play polo in Florida when 2 horses collapsed before the match. Doctors tried to revive those horses and while doing so 5 others got dizzy and collapsed. A total of 7 horses died at the scene of the polo match. The other 7 died en route to the hospital. It is not yet known what caused the horses to die. Typically there are over 50 to 60 horses that compete in the polo matches. They are constantly being subbed out so that no one horse gets too tired. These horses never made it to the match. Doctors are now running blood samples and attempting to figure out what could have caused such a bizarre event. Blood tests results and the cause of the deaths are expected to be released this week sometime.

April 12, 2009

School Newspaper Closes Over April Fools Jokes

A Florida school-run newspaper is being shut down for being too harsh during their annual April Fools edition of the paper. The Reporter, run through Stetson University, announced it was done for the rest of the season and has fired its editorial staff after the paper took it too far. The issue, which annually makes fun of the student body and staff on April 1st, featured racial comments and other columns advocating rape and domestic violence. The students were giving a short time to clear out their belongings and were forced to leave the paper room. The edition, dubbed The Distorter, caused everyone to lose their jobs at the paper, even students who had no say whatsoever in what was written or who chose not to be involved. Some students feel the punishment may be too harsh and that the paper is overlooking the lesson they learned.

Gas Prices Up

Over the last three weeks gas prices have gone up around 5% nationwide. Overall this means about 10 cents per gallon across the country. Most experts are contributing the rise in price to the seasonal demand that occurs every spring around this time. Consumers tend to use more gas in the spring and summer seasons when they are more likely to be out on boats and other vehicles that use gasoline. Gas is expected to rise for a few more weeks to come, but it may be no more than 10 cents in the coming weeks. The highest price per gallon in the United States right now is 2.40 in Anchorage, Alaska. Experts do not expect the gas prices to rise near as drastically as they did just a summer ago.

April 5, 2009

Fast and Furious shatters records

Fast and Furious, which opened in theaters last Friday, did better than what most people thought it would, in fact it shattered multiple all-time records in its debut.
The movie starts Vin Diesel and is the fourth installment in the fast and furious movies. It is centered around high tech cars, fast car chases, speed, and excitement.
The movie raked in over $72 million and was the best April movie opening ever. It passed second place Anger Management by $30 million.
The movie appeals the the younger crowds and received good reviews from some audiences that may have triggered the viewing fest. Some critics were not too fond of the movie, but it appears as if they are now in the minority.
The movie now has the best three day opening for a Universal Pictures movie ever, another impressive record. With only one weekend in the books, it appears the movie may be moving up the charts very fast and furious.

March 8, 2009

Owens signs with Bills

Just two days after being cut by the Dallas Cowboys, free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens signed with the Buffalo Bills. Owens reportedly signed a one year deal that is worth $6.5 million. Terrell joins a Buffalo team that has struggled offensively over the past few seasons but has seen some flashes of light in second year quarterback Trent Edwards and wide receiver Lee Evans. Owens has been among NFL leaders in receiving statistics his whole career and that he something that he says will continue. Owens has been a controversial player in the past and has had numerous encounters with the media and other players. Some players have said he isn't the best player to have in the locker room and can cause problems. Owens has countered those statements with his play, including 38 touchdowns in the last 3 seasons, statistics that are better than Randy Moss. Owens is now 35 years old and will have to prove he can still play in this league. The Bills started out red hot last season but cooled down as it progressed and ended up missing the playoffs. Owens said he hopes to help the Bills make it back to playoff football.

March 1, 2009

Alex Rodriguez meets with MLB officials

Alex Rodriguez met with MLB officials Sunday to discuss steroids, and more specifically his experience with them. The details of the meeting have not yet been released and it is unknown if they will be released soon if at all. All that is known is that Rodriguez was cooperative and that the meeting lasted nearly two hours. Rodriguez continues to try and put this in the rear view mirror but it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. He is constantly being asked by not only reporters but also MLB to recount his steroids ordeal. Rodriguez is in spring training with the New York Yankees and is also preparing for the World Baseball Classic where he will represent the Dominican Republic. Rodriguez has reportedly gained support from players around the league according to his manager Joe Girardi. The MLB season starts in early April, but Rodriguez says he is just glad he is now playing baseball everyday. He appears to be handling the situation fine and his teammates and family have also stated he is doing well. Rodriguez has played well early in the preseason even amongst the mixed reactions he has received from fans.

February 22, 2009

11 year old accused of murder

An 11 year old boy faces adult charges of murder in the shooting death of his father's pregnant girlfriend. The boy allegedly used his own youth model shotgun and shot her in the back of the head while she was sleeping in her bed. In Pennsylvania anyone over the age of 10 accused of murder is charged as an adult. The boy is in the fifth grade and police came to his school to make the arrest. The victims body was found by her 4 year daughter, who then called landscapers working near the house, who then called the police. The whole situation is a nightmare, as the boy faces up to a lifetime sentence in prison. At this point there is an on-going investigation into the murder, but it is believed that it was no accident according to the district attorney. The boy's name is being withheld because he is a juvenile. The suspect was not the son of the victim but instead the son of her boyfriend and was living with them at the time. The boy faces multiple counts of murder because the victim was eight months pregnant at the time of the shooting and the baby died moments after the shooting due to a lack of oxygen.

February 15, 2009

Artist Brown Sorry

Chris Brown said he was sorry for what transpired the a week ago on the night of the grammys. Brown was scheduled to perform that night but did not make an appearance, it was later revealed that Brown was arrested for apparently attacking a woman on a Los Angeles Street.
Reports have surfaced that the woman was his girlfriend and fellow musician, Rihanna. While these reports have not been confirmed by the police, there are strong sources suggesting it is the truth.
Rihanna was also scheduled to perform at the grammys, but she too cancelled the night of. She has since cancelled one of her shows in the wake of this incident.
Police said the woman who was attacked suffered visable injuries and identified Brown as the attacker. Rihanna has not made a statement and this was the first statement Brown has made since the incident occured.
Charges have not yet been filed against Brown, that decision is still up in the air.

Lynch Arrested

Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch is in trouble with the law again. Lynch was arrested in California Wednesday for possession of a concealed firearm.
Lynch was spotted inside of a car that was searched and then the gun was found. Lynch was the owner of the gun and was then arrested.
His agent said Lynch was in California to visit friends. Lynch was in trouble with the law last summer when Lynch's car struck a woman and then proceded to drive off. Lynch later agreed to a plea bargain and was not charged with anything.
This case could be different with the strict policy the NFL now has concerning guns. There have been recent off the field incidents in the NFL that have resulted in injured players.
The Bills did not offer up much of a comment as they are still trying to get to the bottom of the story.
Lynch is an emergin NFL star at only 22 years of age. He played in the pro bowl last weekend in Hawaii.

February 8, 2009

Ice Float

Winds and warm temperature caused a large ice floe to break away from the mainland and strand 150 fisherman Saturday morning on Lake Erie.
Not all of the stranded were rescued as one man died as a result from falling into the icy waters. Another man who also fell into the water was rescued and brought to shore.
"These people should have known better," said Ottawa County, Ohio, Sheriff Bob Bratton, "if there was a section in the code about common sense, we would have had 150 arrests out there today."
The fishermen reportedly built a makeshift bridge over open water to get to the 8-mile long ice floe.
The National Weather Service issued a warning that there were potential conditions for ice floe's to break off. These conditions included warm temperatures and high winds from the south.
The remaining 150 people were rescued from the ice courtesy of helicopters, airboats, and hovercrafts. Sheriff Bratton estimated the cost of the rescue at $25,000 and also said it will probably go up from there.
"This just cost the taxpayers a ton of money," the sheriff said, " It's a same you can't arrest people for stupidity."

February 1, 2009


United States gold medalist Michael Phelps issued an apology Sunday for his behavior in a photo that surfaced recently featuring him smoking a marijuana pipe. Phelps did not deny the event but instead said he, "engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgement."
Phelps has become popular worldwide after his record setting 8 gold medal performance at the 2008 summer games.
Phelps becomes yet another American athlete who will now be associated with illegal substances. Americans have watched athletes in all sports be convicted of steriods or illegal substances in recent years, and Phelps is no exception.
The United States Olympic Committee issued a statement Sunday saying that Michael had failed to fulfull his role model responsibilites but also that they were confident Phelps would now, "consistently set the type of example we all expect from a great Olypic champion."
Phelps had recently pledged to an anti-doping agency to keep drugs out of sports.
His fans can read his apology on his Facebook page where Phelps also posted his statement. Fans have had mixed reactions to the situation and have not been afraid to post their feelings on his page.