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Survivor of 16 story fall to leave hopsital today

After surviving a fall of 16 stories last week, a Wisconsin man is expected to leave the Hennepin County Medical Center Saturday.

Joshua Hanson was staying at Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis Jan. 20 when he fell out a 17th floor window. He landed on a roof overhang, feet first, about one story away from completely hitting the ground.

Amazingly, Hanson didn’t suffer any brain or spinal injuries, but did suffer a broken right leg and a punctured lung. Hanson had been drinking with some friends, and police said the incident was the “result of some drinking-induced horsing around.?

Hanson remembers the fall, but has not commented on the accident. Both local papers reported he doesn’t feel comfortable discussing it yet.

Hanson had a medal rod placed in his right leg and is currently able to walk with the help of a rolling walker. According to the Star Tribune, Hanson is expected to make a full recovery, but a time table was not given.

The story even received national news attention from areas such as Britain and Australia.