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18-year-old murder solved

A murder which has gone unsolved for more than 18 years was finally solved Thursday, after new DNA evidence pointed to the killer.

Larry Wayne Brigman, 57, was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Dale Luverne Heinold Thursday in Ramsey County District Court. Heinold was stabbed to death in 1989 in St. Paul.

Brigman is currently in an Ohio jail for committing a similar crime three weeks after Heinold’s death. He also has numerous parole violations and has fled convictions.

The DNA match was the first ever in a cold case for St. Paul police. According to Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner, Heinold’s murder was solved because of continuing persistence of family and police.

Heinold was killed in May of 1989, where authorities found blood of an alleged attacker in his apartment. Police found Heinold’s stolen car parked near a bar in Ohio as well. The evidence went cold soon after.

Heinold’s sister then went to authorities last June, asking them to review the case again. The blood samples recovered from the scene in 1989 were given to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension lab for testing.

In October, the MBC told St. Paul police that they had matched the blood from the crime scene to Brigman through a national database.

Both papers reported on an interview that a Minnesota invesigator did with Brigman back in November. According to the interview, police told him his DNA had been found in another murder case. Brigman replied, “"That's sweet. That’s just what I need.?

Both of the local papers have a lot more information on Brigman and his previous convictions.

Analysis: The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press told this story as hard-news, but with a more personal attachment to it. The leads were different. The ST had a lead summarizing the mystery and heartache of the subject, while the PP focused on the hard-news conviction. Both stories go to the main point of new DNA evidence being found immediately. Then, the storytelling of the articles went into to the details of family and Brigman’s history. The structure also included detailed information about the case and murder scene back in 1989. Flashbacks, sort to speak, were used to describe the events for people who had not heard of the case before today’s article. Both articles were easy to follow and provide the reader with what information is needed. The history aspect obviously helps because without it, the article wouldn’t make sense at all. I thought it was interesting that both papers concluded their articles with the interview piece and quote from Brigman. It is also worth pointing out that the papers did use some different sources, but mainly the story wasn’t affected by it. Usually the sources said the same things, just by different people. The sentences were short and smooth, allowing the reader to follow the storyline easy. The articles could be considered to be in the inverted pyramid format, but it would be hard to take a lot out of the info, considering the history and previous information needed to inform the reader. Therefore, it is hard to consider which piece of information is more important than the other, outside of the conviction of course.