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Shipwreck found

A possible uncharted shipwreck in Lake Superior near Duluth was discovered by Minnesotan anglers Sunday.

The ship, which is located about 150 feet off-shore from Duluth’s Park Point, is located in about ten feet of water. The ship could be seen through the ice by the anglers, despite ten inches the lake has in this area.

As of right now, it is unclear whether the wreck happened in this area and was uncharted, or if the ship had been documented as a wreck and moved due to water currents.

According to the Pioneer Press, the extremely low water level and unusually transparent ice may have made the ship easier to see. The PP also reported that there had been other documented shipwrecks near Duluth, but not relative to this specific location.

Thom Holden, director of the Lake Superior Maritime Visitors Center, said he didn’t know of any wrecks occurring in the area.